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School Climate/School Violence

School Climate

The Role of The Bystander

A Developmental Approach to Mentalizing Communities: II The Peaceful School Experiment

Creating a Peaceful School Learning Environment: A Controlled Study of an Elementary School Intervention to Reduce Violence

Assessing Adolescents Who Threaten Homicide In Schools

The Roots Of Violence: Converging Psychoanalytic Explanatory Models For Power Struggles And Violence In Schools

An Innovative Psycho-Dynamically Influenced Approach To Reduce School Violence

A Social Systems-Power Dynamics Approach to Preventing School  Violence

Creating A Peaceful School Learning Environment: The Impact of an Anti-Bullying Program on Educational Attainment in Elementary Schools

School Violence

Modifying Social Aggression In Schools

Negative Affect in Victimized Children: The Roles of Social Withdrawal, Peer Rejection, and Attitudes Toward Bullying

Feeling Safe In School

Caring Classrooms/Intelligent Schools: The Social Emotional Education of Young Children

 A Clinical and Interactionist Perspective on the Bully-Victim-Bystander Relationship

Teachers Who Bully Students: a Hidden Trauma

The Prevalence of Teachers Who Bully Students in Schools With Differing Levels of Behavior Problems

Threat Assessment

Premeditated Mass Shootings in Schools: Threat Assessment

Threat Assessment In Schools: A Critique Of An Ongoing Intervention



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