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    Frank C. Sacco, Ph.D.


    Stuart W. Twemlow, MD.


    Stephen W. Twemlow

    Dr. Sacco began his professional career working at the University of Massachusetts in the late Sixties in a drop-in center dealing with runaways, transient addicts, and psychedelic emergencies. This work led Dr. Sacco into Massachusetts deinstitutionalization of state-operated facilities for delinquents, chronically mentally ill, and the mentally deficient. This early experience set the foundation for a life's commitment to working in the community with the toughest families without residential or secure back-up.

    Dr. Sacco is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and has a Ph. D. in Psychology from the Humanistic Psychology Institute. Currently, he is the President of Community Services Institute, a private licensed mental health clinic serving multiple-problem families referred by the state for child abuse, neglect, and domestic violence.

    Dr. Sacco pioneered the use of home-based interventions with hard-to-reach, often violent and resistant families. He has published over a dozen papers and books chapters on family therapy and community violence. He has been a program developer in the USA as well as in Jamaica. He specializes in violence reduction at home, in the school, and at the workplace. He is an experienced mediator, presenter and expert witness in cases of protective services and violence. He has consulted with the FBI on school shootings.

    Dr. Sacco is a Second Degree Black Belt in Han-Pul Martial arts and is active in developing special applications of traditional martial arts to violent adolescents, bully prevention, self protection, and other personal safety training.

    He has Written and Directed 3 other videos: PERSONAL SAFETY FOR WOMAN (Grant from the Continental Cable Endowment), GET HOME ALIVE: COMMON SENSE AND PEPPER SPRAY, and PREVENTING TEEN SEXUAL HARASSMENT.

    Stuart W. Twemlow, MD began his professional career as a High School teacher in New Zealand, his country of birth, and teaching has been a part of his life ever since. He is Professor of Psychiatry and  Behavioral  Sciences Menninger Department of Psychiatry Baylor College of Medicine Houston, Texas.

    Dr. Twemlow has wide experience in psychoanalysis, psychiatry, and social systems interventions.  He has published numerous scientific articles, books, and book chapters, including many on social and psychological aspects of individual and community violence. He is the Editor-In Chief of The International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies and sponsors and delivers lectures and symposia on issues and applications in the field of Applied and Community Psychoanalytic Studies for international audiences.

    Besides directing the Peaceful Schools and Communities project, he has engaged in wide ranging consultation on conflict and peace to cities and governments in the United States and Jamaica about creating healthy communities and resolving labor disputes, including consulting to the F.B.I. on school shootings.

    He has an equally absorbing commitment to the martial and meditative arts. He is ranked 7th Dan in the Okinawa Weapons system, and 6th Dan in Okinawa and Hawaii Kenpo Karate, with a master teacher's license (Renshi). He also holds a black belt rank in Shinko Kaiten Aikido (1st Dan) and Eagle Claw Kung Fu (2nd level).

    He is an exhibited Zen painter and long time student of Zen. He practices these arts and instructs in a large school owned by his son, Kyoshi Stephen W. Twemlow, in Topeka, KS.

    Stephen W. Twemlow owns and operates a large dojo (school) of martial arts and meditative arts in Topeka, KS. He has practiced martial arts since childhood and it absorbs his professional and personal life. He holds the rank of 6th Dan in Okinawa Weapons system, 5th Dan in Hawaii Kenpo, and 4th Dan in Okinawa Kenpo. Together with a master teacher's license of Renshi, and Master Technician Kyoshi he is skilled in the grappling arts and works full time exploring the teaching of traditional martial arts, the applications of martial arts to social problems, especially in schools, and works with emotionally disturbed adults and children, teaching martial arts techniques and concepts to help them cope. He has also instructed these ideas in regular clinics at CF Menninger Memorial Hospital inpatient adolescent unit, and receives referrals from the mental health community.

    Kyoshi Twemlow is also an Adjunct instructor at Washburn University in Topeka, KS with regular classes in women and men's self defense.



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