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Developing anti-violence programs for schools is a big decision. There are many different ways to approach the strategy of choosing a program.



Single School (K-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12)

Any school can decide to begin a program to improve their school's learning climate by reducing bullying. Programs can be customized to fit any level of school from grades K-12. Key school personnel need to be trained and supervised for the first year to fit a program to their school. Single school program development is the most intensive and focused programming for one school.

Single Grade in Whole District (Elementary, Middle, High)

This approach is a district-wide focusing of intervention at one grade level throughout a school district. Districts might target their Middle or High Schools while others might start with an elementary school prevention strategy. This approach may be useful in approaching certain types of grants targeting at-risk populations within various grade levels.

Whole District

School districts can amplify their training investment by challenging their entire system to use a single resource to pull together a plan than can show measurable impact on the achievement of students. This is done by reducing coercive power struggles in schools and freeing teachers to teach and students to learn. The entire system will vary in its initial buy-in, but the goal of district-wide interventions is to challenge all principals to produce a plan the works in measurable ways. Twemlow & Sacco will present evidence-based intervention models proven to increase achievement in elementary schools. Some schools will jump aboard quickly. Others will rebel with a "better" approach. Still others will avoid any action. This baseline can be established clearly using standardized testing, validated surveys, and other measures. Twemlow & Sacco offers consulting and supervision through the first 3 years to evaluate its own and other school's attempts to improve their learning climates.

Networked, Collaborative Districts

As resources tighten, schools with similar interests and levels of motivation can work together to develop anti-bullying programs. This can be done by linking motivated change agents from various schools or districts. Core teams are trained regionally/nationally and maintain contact through cyber-community newsletters, bulletin boards, phone conferencing and supervisory "courses" with senior consultants from Twemlow & Sacco Group. Field consultations can be arranged as needed and as resources allow. This model may be useful in interesting regional private foundations and federal grant makers. The researched programs of the Twemlow & Sacco Group can be tailored to collaborative networks as a model for seeking local, private, and government support of anti-bullying. Reducing bullying increases achievement!


Introductory Training of Facilitators

This package ca be used in any of site training options mentioned above. This training involves a 2-day training symposium for schools. A standard training package involves 2 days of Dr. Twemlow and Sacco and 3 days of Sensei Stephen Twemlow. This format can provide initial training to begin implementing anti-bullying programs. This approach can be used to train large groups and to introduce models for custom adaptation of an ant-bullying program from each respective school attending (Insert Link to Training Outline).

Baseline Evaluation Surveys

Once a school decides to begin an anti-bullying program, the Twemlow & Sacco Group strongly recommend creating a reliable baseline to measure the impact of the climate intervention. This can be accomplished using a validated survey developed in collaboration with University of Kansas Department of Clinical Child Psychology. This is a type of "violence audit" that can be useful in long-term program improvement and as data for ongoing grant competitions. Survey costs: $1-3(depending on number of students)/student administration. (Insert survey sample, report options, etc.)

Ongoing Supervision

The Twemlow & Sacco approach stresses ongoing supervision and "real life" problem solving. The up-front training is just a launching pad for ongoing program implementation. Ongoing supervision can take several forms depending on the level of resources available to dedicate to the anti-bullying program. Options range from phone consultation and conferencing to participation in an ongoing membership bulletin boards and other distance learning approaches.

Phone supervision can be purchased by the hour ($200/hour/30 minute minimum/intervals) as needed. Package prices for retained blocks of supervision time are available. Phone conferencing can include small groups using one Twemlow & Sacco supervisor and as many participants as is deemed workable by the schools. Phone Conferencing fees not included in Supervisory Rate. Rate packages are all "use them or lose them" monthly hours purchased through a quarterly retainer for a minimum of one year (weekly x 40 weeks). Weekly/1hour: $6,000, Weekly/2 hour: $10,000. Larger contracted packages for grants available to specification.

Field visits by Sensei Twemlow for the Gentle Warrior Health and Physical Education program are available to schools who want to energize their schools programs. Sensei Stephen can work along side the school's personnel in delivering Gentle Warrior classes K-12. These field visits are follow up to the initial training and take place in schools with ongoing Health and Physical Education classes. Sensei Stephen can generate a great deal of interest in the anti-bullying program and can be used to model the type of energy and structure needed to make these classes successful.

Program Development Materials

A full range of educational materials can be used in developing this program. Schools can purchase a license to use customized artwork, cartoon characters, workbooks, posters, buttons, magnets that all use the program message to reinforce the anti-bullying message. The Program Manual offers a detailed outline used in the research programs in elementary schools. Pre-printed educational materials (insert link to catalogue) can also be ordered separately for use in smaller schools or districts.

A 55-minute parent video, 13 minute children's video, and audio CD of kid's song: BACK OFF BULLY are available. (Insert link to videos) These video and audio products can be used in a variety of ways in school and at home.


This 55-minute video is designed to be sent home to parents of K-5 students and used over a period of time by the parent and child working together to either solve an existing or prevent a future incident of bullying at school. Teachers or counselors can send the video home and try to stimulate some parent participation in dealing with a bullying problem. The videos can be made available through the school or local library and are designed to offer teachers, counselors, vice-principals a way to respond to bullying in a non-punitive, problem solving format prior to or immediately following disciplinary actions. PTOs can be urged to share the video and begin dialogues designed to increase parent involvement in creating a positive school learning climate.


This 13-minute video is designed for use in a K-5 classroom or gym setting during health or physical education classes. The video has up beat dancing and the Back Off Bully hip hop tune mixed with scenarios of school and home bullying as well as some role played solutions to bullying attacks as demonstrated by the developer of the Gentle Warrior Program, Sensei Stephen Twemlow. The video can be shown and then the skills can be practiced and the problem discussed with the health or physical education teacher. The tape has be well received by the children regardless of how many times it has been seen. The power of the message comes from the re-introduction of the simple themes put forth in the video.


This audio CD is a single original soundtrack song designed to send a message to children K-5. The song is a way to promote unconscious and conscious reflection on the power dynamics involved in bullying. The words are designed to define a bully, a victim, and a bystander and how their respective roles contribute to the bullying problem. The song was designed to be a catchy, hip-hop tune that teaches the messages of BACK OFF or creative, assertive self presentation. The CD can be used in classrooms when problem break out, as a break or reward, or as a part of a health or physical education curriculum.

Grant seeking/Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The Twemlow & Sacco Group have been involved in the design and implementation of a successful, well-researched program (CAPSULE as researched by the Child and Family Center at the Menninger Clinic, Topeka, Kansas). This research started as a controlled study and evolved with private support into a 3-year randomized and controlled study. Results are impressive and include increased achievement (insert MAT Paer) as well as a decrease in disciplinary referrals.

The Twemlow & Sacco Group are active in developing INTERDISCIPLINARY COLLABORATION networks. Twemlow & Sacco have worked with the FBI's National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime on Threat Assessment and School Shootings. They specialize in designing large scale interventions that target SYSTEMATIC change and climate interventions. The research evidence and the Twemlow & Sacco experience can be used in seeking financing from private, local, state, and federal sources. Collaborative networks are developed with enthusiastic participants working in high need areas to aggressively pursue grants. Schools can link together and learn as a connected educational/supervisory community to improve learning environments under expert supervision.

Please see the following Bibliographic Citations for the Foundation of this base of evidence and expertise offered by the Twemlow & Sacco Group.


This model involves having a training team visit the school and have a 2-day intensive kick off with teacher training, community involvement campaigns, public relations, and baseline evaluations using a validated violence survey. After the kick-off, the school enrolls in a supervision schedule with a "point person" or program liaison with the senior supervisory staff at Twemlow & Sacco. Various consulting contracts can be negotiated based on the availability of resources and the amount of school and community buy-in.



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