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Power Dynamics in Other Settings


A Multilevel Conceptual Framework for Understanding The Violent Community

The Roots of Violence

Peacekeping and Peacemaking: The Jamaica Project

Modifying Violent Communities by Enhancing Altruism: A vision of Possibilities

A Socio-Psychoanalytic Perspective on Group Dynamics, Cults and Terrorism I:  The Context of Terrorism

A Socio-Psychoanalytic Perspective On Group Dynamics, Cults and Terrorism II: A note on Possible Antidotes

A Developmental Approach To Mentalizing Communities: A Model For Social Change


A Psychoanalytic Dialectical Model for Sexual and Other Forms of Workplace Harassment

The Management of Power in Municipalities Psychoanalytically Informed Negotiation



The Prejudices Of Everyday Life With Observations From Field Trials

Crucible for Murder

Traumatic Objection Relations Configurations Seen In Victim/Victimizer Relationships

The Psychoanalytical Foundations Of A Dialectical Approach To The Victim/Victimizer

The Application Of Traditional Martial Arts Practice And Theory To The Treatment Of Violent Adolescents

Analysts in the Trenches: Streets Schools and War Zones

Secure Attachment To Family and Community, : A Proposal  for Cost Containment Within High User Populations  of Multiple Problem Families

Psychic Plasticity, Resilience and Reactions to Media Violence

What Is The Right Question?

Victim/Victimizer Relationships



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